NEW NEW NEW presents Car Show—an art exhibition in and on a car.

A 2015 Toyota Prius c served as a traveling advertisement for the exhibition of seven artists and their work as it headed westward from Kansas City, MO from July 1–25, 2022. Each artist was asked to create work for a specific location in or on the car. Through the movement of the car across the country, window graphics allowed the artwork to be shared more widely. Car Show’s mission is to push against the inaccessibility of the art world by broadening viewership, championing artists and experimental work, and challenging the monopoly of the commercial gallery. The artworks were shown in a live exhibition in Kansas City, Missouri on June 30, 2022.

Artists and sites include:

June 30, 5–7PM
Kansas City, MO
1200 W 12th St
under the 12th St bridge

While the artworks themselves did not travel, they were viewable on this site from July 1 onward. The graphic information—show title, website and #newnewnewcarshow—allowed to car to become a tool to broaden the access and viewership of these artists and their work.

Car Show was curated and organized by Rachel Ferber.
Graphic design by Specific Ideas.
Type design by Rory King

NEW NEW NEW is an exploratory, project-based initiative by Rachel Ferber and Adam Lucas focused on confronting our material impact through various real and speculative solutions.