(Brooklyn, NY)

  • Christopher Corey Allen is an artist and performer based in New York, whose work is concerned with disruptive narratives, creating new languages of difference, and the acting of performing oneself.  They received their MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. 


(Philadelphia, PA) 

(Kansas City, MO)

  • Hannah Carr is a Kansas City artist currently exploring wearable textiles, jewelry, and adornment.

(Oakland, CA)

  • Helen Ip is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. Between the East and West Coast, she has worked for Red Antler, MacFadden & Thorpe, and Yung Studio. Helen is interested in exploring contemporary notions of relational aesthetics, embracing our digitally-networked society through collaboration, and publishing alternative formats.


(Melbourne, AUS)

  • Matthew Layng is living in Melbourne. His work focuses on the ripples of language and prolonged learning; processes of waiting and caching; and the ambivalence of modernity.

  • @townie.chic

(Brooklyn, NY)

  • Swati Piparsania is a designer and educator whose work incorporates making objects and devising movement. In her studio practice, she builds floors, mattresses, shoes, and pants that inscribe the dynamics for performance as well as its dysfunction. These objects elevate, bend, hide and restrict parts of the body that engage in a monotonous task. In choreographing an unfamiliarity with one’s own body she brings attention to the familiar and learnt movement and gesture.

    Swati (b. Bhilai, India) received her MFA in 3D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art and Diploma in Furniture and Spatial Design from Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology. She currently teaches Industrial design as an Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute, NY.

(Kansas City, MO)

  • Adams Puryear is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in Kansas City, Mo.  His work explores the Internet’s convoluted information systems and tactile approaches of its representation. Puryear holds an MFA from Indiana University and a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art.  Puryear's work has been featured in and around New York City in solo and group exhibitions where he was formally based, nationally in galleries and museums such as the Nelson-Atkins in Kansas City, Mo and the Kennedy Museum in Athens, OH, and internationally at galleries such as Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich, GR, and museums like Icheon World Ceramic Center in South Korea.  He is currently a lecturer at the Kansas City Art Institute.